How does RF and Ultrasound work?

 What can THERMI do for me?

THERMItight can tighten the skin in your neck, breast, arms, abdomen, thighs, and knees
THERMIrase can disable frown lines without the use of toxins
THERMIsmoothface can smoothen the skin on your face and treat under eye bags
THERMIsmoothbody targets the areas under the skin, providing temporary reduction of cellulite
THERMIva rejuvenates the vaginal anatomy
THERMIbreast enhances the natural breast appearance, without visible scars

How does THERMI work?

THERMI works by providing temperature controlled radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen remodeling. THERMI is minimally invasive, non-surgical, with almost no downtime depending on the procedure.

Where can I learn more about THERMI?

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